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CBRE recommends Rich Arlington and Robert Smart

Mar 05, 2012 | Posted in Blog / Newsroom

Richard Arlington and Robert Smart of Rich Arlington and Associates were selected by CBRE to lead their bid process on a portfolio of 35 commercial real estate properties in Northern New Jersey. Their knowledge of landscaping and the landscaping business proved invaluable to CBRE as they reviewed 40 plus contractor companies and narrowed their search to 3 or 4 that met CBRE's needs.

"The bidding processes are only as good as the scope and the details included in that scope," said Curt A. Hurst, Account Director for CBRE. "Rich and Robert's knowledge allowed them to extract from us what we wanted for the look and feel of the landscaping and transition that information to language that professional landscaping companies could bid. The process has allowed us to significantly increase the value in our landscaping program from cost and appearance perspectives," he said.

Rich also provided training for CBRE's property managers on "how to hold landscapers accountable to the specifications and scope which prevents change orders and ultimately allows us to realize the savings in the bid," he added. "Rich Arlington and Associates has done an excellent job of managing our bidding process and helping our team to better understand landscaping. Our client will see this in cost and improved appearance."

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