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Book Reviews for "Why Not You?" Have you read it?

Sep 17, 2012 | Posted in Blog / Newsroom

Steve Rak and Mike Mason, both veterans in the Green Industry, recently weighed in on my book,"Why Not You?" Here's what they had to say after reading it:

“Anyone who is thinking of starting a business, going into business or wants to take their company to the next level could benefit from reading Why Not You? by Rich Arlington. Rich’s personal story proves that you don’t have to have a Harvard MBA to succeed in business. His ‘just do it’ attitude and don’t procrastinate message, which I love about Rich, pervades in this book. It’s an inspirational story that I’ll recommend to my clients.” (Steve Rak, Vice President at Southwest Landscape Management; Partner at Rak Consulting LLC.)

“Rich Arlington’s book, Why Not You? is a cool story and a fast read that anyone—regardless of whether you’re in the Green Industry or not—can gain valuable insights from reading. Rich’s dogmatic approach of not giving up and always reaching for more, even in the face of adversity was a big take away for me. I was fascinated by his story of living in a newspaper steel box; yet all of his stories were equally interesting and illustrated how important it is in life to keep moving forward, to keep fighting. He shows us how his approach to business and life pays off, and how rewarding it can be. For those in the Green Industry Why Not You? is a good glimpse into how difficult it is to grow your business, to compete and to win clients in our industry. As Rich’s story unfolds you can see how much the industry has changed in the last 10 years and how he addresses these challenges and overcomes them.” (Mike Mason, Owner, Horizon Landscaping)

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