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References and Testimonials

Hear what some of our clients and those who work with us in the industry say about Rich Arlington & Associates as industry consultants, as public speakers, and as mentors:

Additional testimonies from facility management clients, lawn, landscape, snow, ice management clients, as well as, expert witness and speaking engagement testimonials:

CB Richard Ellis, Inc. ('CBRE')

CBRE manages a portfolio of 35 commercial real estate properties in Northern New Jersey. The challenge in providing service contractors for all of these properties is to find the fewest number of contractors with the best value proportion. Fewer service providers frees up management time to focus on tenants and buildings.

Richard Arlington and Robert Smart of Rich Arlington and Associates were selected to lead our bid process. Their knowledge of landscaping and the landscaping business was invaluable as we reviewed 40+ companies and narrowed the search to 3 or 4 that met our needs.

Bidding processes are only as good as the scope and the details included in that scope. Rich and Robert's knowledge allowed them to extract from us what we wanted for the look and feel of the landscaping and transition that information to language that professional landscaping companies could bid. The process allowed us to significantly increase the value in our landscaping program from cost and appearance perspectives.

Richard has also provided training for our property managers on how to hold landscapers accountable to the specifications and scope which prevents change orders and ultimately allows us to realize the savings in the bid.

Rich Arlington and Associates have done an excellent job of managing our bidding process and helping our team to better understand landscaping. Our client will see this in cost and improved appearance.

Curt A. Hurst
Account Director

CB Richard Ellis, Inc. ('CBRE')

In 2011, CBRE bid snow & ice removal services for 35 New Jersey Office, Industrial and Retail properties which we manage for The Hampshire Companies. We used Rich Arlington's consulting services during this bid process and were very pleased with his work and the outcome.

In September 2011, we contacted Martin Tirado, Executive Director of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) who provided us with a list of consultants who had previously worked with SIMA. We chose Rich due to his experience as a contractor, expert witness, SME, Certified Snow Professional and bidding consultant.

We decided to work with Rich as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the snow bid so that we could build our knowledge base as members of our team got additional hands on experience with drafting RFQ's, RFP's, specifications and evaluating vendors with Rich's assistance. Throughout the two-month process, Rich was very easy to communicate with remotely, whether we had a quick question or needed a conference call to review vendor submission.

We also appreciated that whenever we arrived at a difficult issue, Rich would always respond with candid and practical advice. He kept us informed throughout the bid process of "tricks of the trade" from his 25+ year industry experience as well as key issues to address in the specifications that helped in reducing our overall risk. Although bidding often comes down to numbers. Rich has been skillful with dealing with considerations other than cost that often come up in a bid.

We have been delighted with Rich Arlington's work and give him our highest recommendation.

Curt Hurst
Account Director
CB Richard Ellis, Inc.

Robert L. Simpkins Attorney at Law

Dear Mr. Arlington: I would like to thank you for taking the time to discuss and review the information in reference to the Antonio Figueroa Report and the excellent report that followed. We look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again for assisting us.
Robert L. Simpkins
Robert L. Simpkins Attorney at Law
Evansville, Indiana

Southwest Landscape Management

As a landscape management contractor our snow division has been relatively small for the size of our company. I met with Rich & his staff for a full day of consultation and I have to say I leaned more about snow & ice management in that one day than I ever could have on my own. Rich tells it like it is, and helped me create some bidding systems that I literally put to use the next day! We also put together a three year plan for growth and I am confident that with Rich’s help I can achieve my goals!

Thank You!

Steve Rak II
Vice President
Southwest Landscape Management
Columbia Station, Ohio

True Landscaping, LLC

I initially e-mailed Rich Arlington & Associates about 10 months ago. I was feeling a bit burned out running my business as a one man show, and was looking for a little bit of direction to take my company to a point where everything was not on my shoulders. After I first spoke with Rich, I was still a little skeptical, but a lot of the questions that he had asked, and a lot of the statements he made during that phone call were ringing in my ears as I went back to work IN my business. It took a little time, and a face to face meeting to realize that this was going to be a decision that was going to help my business in at least a couple of areas, so I thought "let's roll the dice." I knew that there were definitely aspects of my business that were not running correctly, and as we began picking through my business, I quickly realized there were more of those areas than I originally thought. He is able to point out small things that have a big impact, and he gets right to the point. There is no BS or sugar coating on what he says, and it's going to sting a little sometimes but those will be the things that need changing the most.

We are now closing in on one year since I first contacted Rich Arlington & Associates and I feel great about making the decision to hire them. My outlook as a business owner is just that, a business owner. We have almost doubled our maintenance accounts already and it isn't even May yet, and we're just getting started. Rich understands where I am because this is where he started, and he has given me some of the benchmarks so that I have a good idea what is coming. I am now spending almost as much time on the phone, the computer, or in the office as I do in the field. Don't wait, shoot them an email or make the phone call, it won't cost you anything but a little time.

Thanks for everything Rich,
Steve Hlabse
True Landscaping, LLC
Wickliffe, Ohio

Update from True Landscaping, LLC

I really wasn't sure what to expect during our phone call this past
Saturday. After chatting on the phone for a while, and recapping the call
afterward, there was one key item that kept coming back to me over and over.
2 years ago, you and I met to talk about growing my business and I had a
MUCH different idea then about the potential this industry offers than I do
now. Although I still struggle a bit to see the full potential, you were the
one that lit that fire to make me realize that I was capable of much more, and that
it was all out there for the making.

I've spent the last year figuring out what my business was going to be and
how we were going to get it to produce the results that we want, and even
though it isn't 100% laid out in front of us, it is much clearer where we
want to go.

Thanks Rich for stoking the flames,
March, 2013

Grounds Effects Lawn Care

I attended your class at the MGIA Tradeshow on Tuesday, March 6th with my son Matt who is attending Michigan Sate University...We attended six classes during the two day event and I have to admit that my two favorite clases were the ones put on by Bob Smart and Phillip Sexton. You both did an excellent job in your presentations and we walked away with a wealth of valuable knowledge that we didn't have before hand. Both of you should be commended for a job well done.

Thanks for everything,
Rick DaPra
Grounds Effects Lawn Care

Schmidt Lawn Care

We have been using Rich Arlington & Associates for over two months for snow removal consulting work. He has provided us with a wealth of information from his years of experience. He has helped us reword our contacts to reduce liability and has also showed us how to present ourselves to be more professional and more equipped to handle larger projects. Rich has been available at all times, evenings, weekends anytime that you want to bounce an idea off of him he is there, he gave us his personal cell phone
number and we can contact him when a question comes up instead of waiting for him to get the message and then return it at later time. We are only part way into our consulting program and say that we are very happy that we have decided to use Rich Arlington and Associates.

Jason Schmidt
Schmidt Lawn Care
Southington, CT

Snow and Ice Management Association on Robert Smart as Speaker

I have worked with Bob Smart, CSP for many years now in his capacity as a speaker and subject matter expert in the snow and ice industry. Bob is extremely well organized and thoughtful in his speaking engagements, and he is one of the most trustworthy people I can think of who will provide a well rounded, detailed presentation in his areas of expertise. He is also extremely good at organizing information and thinking through his delivery to the audience, and always has fun and innovative ways to get attendees engaged and excited.

Brian K. Birch, CAE

Knotts Land Care, LLC

Rich Arlington is a long-time active member of SIMA who has promoted continuing contractor education. The Build-A-Bid program that he helped create and is an active presenter of is such an example of his commitment…Rich is committed to helping contractors succeed. This commitment is reflected in his interest in educating contractors on how to run a successful snow and ice management and landscape company. Rich integrates that into his training program.

Doug Knotts
Knotts Land Care, LLC

Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)

Thank you for your support during the 2012 GIC Conference in which you presented, "What's In It For Us? How to Move, Motivate and Put in Motion a Successful Team." Here are the results of our speaker evaluations for your session: An overwhelming number of attendees (89%) felt that you communicated the content of the session well and 90% felt that you had a good knowledge of the subject matter with 87% stating that the content delivered was relevant to them or their company. Attendee comments for your session: "Awesome!!!" "Motivating speaker." "Good at bringing his story to be relevant to the subject matter." "Speaker provided excellent information." "Great down to earth gentleman, clean delivery."

Michael Romero

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

This letter has been written in regards to my experiences working with Rich Arlington, CSP of Arlington Lawncare.

Rich has been a member of SIMA for many years, and has always been a helpful, positive influence on the members he interacts with through our organization. Rich is a volunteer leader, and has been instrumental in driving key projects through various committees to improve the educational and networking opportunities that we offer.

As a speaker at our national symposium and for our regional training sessions, Rich has proven that he can speak directly to the audience, providing examples tied to real life that help drive home the main topics of his sessions. He is laid back and is very approachable for people who have questions or would like to know more.

Finally, Rich has shown strong commitment to the industry by helping mentor many new members of SIMA, answering their questions related to bidding and other snow & ice management topics. For the above reasons, Rich was awarded the Volunteer of the Year award at the 2007 SIMA Awards Banquet.

Brian K. Birch
Assistant Executive Director
Snow and Ice Management Association

Landscape Ontario

Rich, here are the survey results from your Build-A-Bid presentation to Landscape Ontario. As you can see, 76% of those who attended gave you a perfect score and 24% gave you a 4 out of. Our Ottawa Chapter is interested in hosting a symposium in their area and I recommended the Build-A-Bid seminar and you for the speaker.

Kathleen Pugliese
Executive Assistant
Landscape Ontario

Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA)

Rich, on behalf of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association and the Michigan Turgrass Foundation, I would like to thank you for sending Robert Smart to speak at the 2011 Great Lakes Trade Exposition (GLTE). Judging by the comments and the evaluations we've received, Robert was instrumental in making this an extremely informative and successful event! Read more

Kristen Faasse
Education/Certification Director
Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association

Richard, on behalf of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA) and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation (MTF), I thank you for your presenting participation in the 2010 Great Lakes Trade Exposition (GLTE). Judging by the comments and evaluations we've received, you were instrumental in making this a very informative and successful event...I enjoyed working with you."

Beth Hooley
Education Director
Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association

Store Planning, Equipment, Construction and Facilities Services ('SPECS')

Dear Rich—
Thank you for your participation as a speaker at SPECS/2011. We know that your time is valuable and appreciate that you took the time to help us make SPECS successful. Each year the program gets better, and this year was no exception. Thank you again for your participation!
Best regards,
Jim Kauhl
Executive Director of Special Events
Chain Store Age

American Snow Professionals

I am Scott Kennard the snow manager for American Snow Professional, a large plowing contractor in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Myself, and Charmaine House, who runs our sidewlk operation visited Arlington Lawncare Inc, to see if we could get any ideas' on how to run our operations more efficiently. We wanted to meet with Richard Arlington CSP (Certified Snow Professional) because he runs a large plowing operation in Erie, Pennsylvania which has one of the largest snowfall averages in the country. Arlington Lawncare and American Snow Professional are members of SIMA ( Snow and Ice Management Association) which is how we met owner, Richard Arlington.

Some of the things we learned and implemented immediately was ways to use our sidewalk equipment more efficiently and also customize it to make it more durable as well as more efficient. Some of the information they record on their paperwork make it easier for the office to decipher from a billing standpoint. Last of all he told me a way to help prevent our employees' from over salting which has been an on going problem for years.

Arlington's multi-layers of supervision make it possible for them to efficiently manage the amount of snow work they do. They do more than three times the snow work we do, and if we grow to their size perhaps we will structure our supervision similar to theirs'.

Scott Kennard
"American Snow Professionals"

Computerized Lawn Industry Program (CLIP) Conference

Bob Smart has spoken a number of times at our conferences to groups of up to 200 people. His presentations were organized, documented and well received. He spoke on subjects with which he is very knowledgeable. I would have him speak again if the opportunity presented itself.

Dave Tucker, President
CLIP Software

Erie County Technical School

WOW! Your talk was great today. I really enjoyed listening to you and I can't believe the 90 minutes flew by so fast. You covered the topics of business ownership, hiring and firing far better than I could have imagined. You weren't kidding when you said that you were a professional speaker!

As I looked around the room, I noticed that you had the attention of the entire class all the time. Your points were well emphasized. And you really drew the students in by being so expressive and entertaining. I liked the way you included them in the conversation by asking them about first impressions and interviewing. Then, you continued the discussion by responding and relating to their comments. Noticing the nametags and addressing the students by name and their company really made them feel that they were part of the conversation.

You were really observant to notice characteristics before class started, and use what you noticed in the presentation to make points about attendance, notebooks and loopholes. And your business experience really is unique. I can't think of another person in this area who could say that he started 23 businesses. What a wealth of information you have!

My sincere "thank you" for taking the time out of your busy day to help our students understand the importance of being a conscientious employee, being positive and developing good work ethics. Your concern for the development of young people is much appreciated.

Elaine Shaffer
Business Partnerships Coordinator

Erie County Technical School
8500 Oliver Road
Erie, Pa 16509

Michigan Green Industry Association

On behalf of the Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA), I would like to thank you for speaking at the MGIA 4th Annual Snow Management Conference & Expo. We had numerous compliments on your presentation, both content and delivery.

I apologize for the mix-up with the agenda. It was my intention to have you speak for an hour. I know that Crystal spent a lot of time on your power point and had to go back and make some adjustments. As for the LCD, somehow it came unplugged at the podium during speaker changes. I work with more than 200 speakers per year and every once in-a-while things go wrong, and I sincerely appreciate your ability to make the adjustment at the last minute.

We appreciate your time and look forward to working with you again in the future.


Karla Trosen
Director of Education and Membership

Southwest Landscape Management

November 9th, 2008 (e-mail thank you)

Hi Rich,
Just wanted to Thank You for sharing your valuable knowledge with us today. I learn many new things in the snow business industry each time I see you. Your expertise in the snow & ice management industry will definately benefit our company.
I look forward to seeing you again

Thanks Again
Southwest Landscape Management

Arboretum University of Rochester

You are often not a prophet in your own town, sometimes not even with your own staff! Rich Arlington brings a style that provides necessary information in a efficient ( and sometimes humorous) style, that front line staff are receptive to and unintimidated by.

Dan Schied, CNLP
Manager, Horticulture and Grounds

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